Commit 363d7be5 authored by Ram-Z's avatar Ram-Z
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Put the other warnings back in

The order of the diffs is important
parent 91b45a74
......@@ -144,12 +144,22 @@ check_buildsystem_status() {
REMOTE=$(git rev-parse @{u})
BASE=$(git merge-base @ @{u})
if [ $LOCAL = $BASE ]; then
if [ $LOCAL = $REMOTE ]; then
return 0 ;
elif [ $LOCAL = $BASE ]; then
error "New updates for the buildsystem are available!"
if yesno "Would you like to pull new changes?"; then
git pull
return $?
elif [ $REMOTE = $BASE ]; then
error "You did some changes of the buildsystem"
error "create a patch and share them on the ml"
error "prior to pushing them on master"
sleep 2
error "The buildsystem diverged from upstream"
sleep 2
return 0 ;
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