Commit 588156ec authored by BrLi's avatar BrLi
Browse files not utilize tar, touch would create a generally empty file

parent 9865a0fc
......@@ -187,7 +187,7 @@ preconfigure_buildscripts() {
if [[ ! -e "$chakrafolder/_repo/$chroot_name/local-${chroot_name}.db.tar" ]]; then
mkdir -p "$chakrafolder/_repo/$chroot_name"
# create empty tar, makepkg complains if there is no db
tar cf "$chakrafolder/_repo/$chroot_name/local-${chroot_name}.db.tar" --files-from /dev/null
touch "$chakrafolder/_repo/$chroot_name/local-${chroot_name}.db.tar"
ln -s "local-${chroot_name}.db.tar" "$chakrafolder/_repo/${chroot_name}/local-${chroot_name}.db"
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