Commit dc90504d authored by AlmAck's avatar AlmAck
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check for modified (M) or added (A) files, skip deleted PKGBUILD

parent efe048d2
......@@ -123,13 +123,13 @@ function list_commits() {
function list_packages() {
local _packages
local _orders
_list_changes _packages '*/PKGBUILD' '%/PKGBUILD' --no-commit-id --pretty=format: --name-only -r || return 1
_list_changes _packages '*/PKGBUILD' '%/PKGBUILD' --no-commit-id --pretty=format: --name-only -r --diff-filter=AM || return 1
for _package in "${_packages[@]}"; do
# check if there are some .order file
_list_changes _orders '*.order' '%' --no-commit-id --pretty=format: --name-only -r || return 1
_list_changes _orders '*.order' '%' --no-commit-id --pretty=format: --name-only -r --diff-filter=AM || return 1
for _order in "${_orders[@]}"; do
exec 3<$_order
while read -u3 _line; do
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