Commit 7c4440d5 authored by Luca Giambonini's avatar Luca Giambonini

second attempt to cleanup the local .db after upload

parent 58de0221
......@@ -60,8 +60,8 @@ upload_pkgs() {
# Cleanup
repo-clean -q -m c -s _repo/local/ &>/dev/null
repo-remove _repo/local/local-${_cur_repo}.db.tar ${upload_list}
local_repo_clean ${_cur_repo}
#get_database "${1}"
#upload_to_target "${1}"
......@@ -72,6 +72,18 @@ repo_clean() {
# performs a clean over a local repository
local_repo_clean() {
status_start "cleaning «local-${1}.db.tar»"
# remove current database, then recreate an empty one and add local pkgs if present
rm _repo/local/local-${1}.db.tar /dev/null
bsdtar -cf _repo/local/local-${1}.db.tar -T /dev/null
repo-add _repo/local/local-${1}.db.tar *.pkg.tar.*z /dev/null
repo-clean -q -m c -s _repo/local/ &>/dev/null
# stablish the working repository and the folder for storing any uploaded package
set_repos_and_sync_folder() {
for cr in core platform desktop apps games lib32 extra; do
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