Commit bd9b14ab authored by Luca Giambonini's avatar Luca Giambonini

First try with rsync via ssh (doesn't work now)

parent ebaef5e5
......@@ -124,7 +124,10 @@ upload_to_target() {
msg "uploading to «${1}-${_arch}»"
export RSYNC_PASSWORD=$(echo ${_rsync_pass})
rsync -avh --progress --delay-updates _temp/ ${_rsync_user}@${_rsync_server}::packager/${1}/$_arch/ || exit_with_error "${1}"
#rsync -avh --progress --delay-updates _temp/ ${_rsync_user}@${_rsync_server}::packages/${1}/$_arch/ ||
#ssh ${_rsync_user}@${_rsync_server} -p ${_rsync_port} "rsync -avh --progress --delay-updates _temp/ ${_rsync_user}@${_rsync_server}::packages/${1}/$_arch/" ||
rsync -avh --progress --delay-updates -e "ssh -p ${_rsync_port}" _temp/ ${_rsync_user}@${_rsync_server}::packages/${1}/$_arch/ ||
exit_with_error "${1}"
# donwloads (and eventually signs) the databases to the temporary folder
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