Commit 0982dc1f authored by Lisa's avatar Lisa

Correct debug message.

It was referring to info that is not meaningful in all cases,
causing a segmentation fault in "akabei get".
parent 0ea3b5a2
......@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ void QueueOperation::start(AkabeiClient::PackageAction action, QList<Akabei::Pac
foreach (Akabei::Package * pkg, packages) {
if (m_options.contains(APM::OnlyNeeded) && pkg->isInstalled())
qDebug() << "We have" << pkg->name() << pkg->database()->name();
qDebug() << "We add" << pkg->name() << "to the queue";
AkabeiClient::Backend::instance()->queue()->addPackage(pkg, action);
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