Commit 0b6f2ddf authored by Lukas Appelhans's avatar Lukas Appelhans
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Exit when no packages were found

parent 2aeb5acb
......@@ -226,6 +226,7 @@ void SyncOperation::install(QUuid uuid, QList< Akabei::Package* > packages)
if (packages.isEmpty()) {
err << i18n("No appropriate packages found") << endl;
......@@ -515,6 +516,7 @@ void SyncOperation::updateNextDatabase()
void SyncOperation::databaseErrorTriggered(int error)
QTextStream err(stderr);
//FIXME: Show proper error message
err << i18n("There has been an error while updating %1!", static_cast<AkabeiClient::DatabaseHandler*>(QObject::sender())->name()) << endl;
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