Commit 53a7e5f7 authored by Lisa's avatar Lisa

Made the code more readable

parent 27076c1b
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......@@ -121,14 +121,16 @@ private:
QStringList m_freeArgs;
/* Database */
QMultiHash<QByteArray, AkabeiOperation> acceptedOperations;
AkabeiOperationList acceptedOperationsList;
QMultiHash<APM::OperationType, AkabeiOperation> acceptedOperations;
AkabeiOptionList acceptedOptions;
QHash<QByteArray, APM::OperationType> typechars;
/* This is for the few operations that we need to access quickly later */
AkabeiOperationList specialOperations;
bool parsed;
void secondParse(QStringList);
void secondParse(QStringList, QList<QByteArray>);
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