Commit 8b6f3041 authored by AlmAck's avatar AlmAck
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minor fix to the chroot testing script

parent 63729977
......@@ -447,12 +447,12 @@ import_signatures() {
sudo gpg --homedir ./buildroot/_chroots/master-x64/etc/akabei.d/keyring/ --trust-model always --import /usr/share/chakra/signatures/*.asc
for key in EBC85A93 26C56140 BF2412F9 02238B03 B6611E8A C51B9BC2 D417608D F906E3F4 4CA5A1FF 82AC496A; do
sudo gpg --homedir ../buildroot/_chroots/master-x64/etc/akabei.d/keyring --recv-keys --keyserver $key
sudo gpg --homedir ./buildroot/_chroots/master-x64/etc/akabei.d/keyring --recv-keys --keyserver $key
printf 'trust\n5\ny\quit\n' | sudo gpg --homedir ../buildroot/_chroots/master-x64/etc/akabei.d/keyring --no-permission-warning --command-fd 0 --edit-key $key
sudo gpg --homedir ./buildroot/_chroots/master-x64/etc/akabei.d/keyring --list-keys
# show the current imported keys
sudo gpg --homedir ../buildroot/_chroots/master-x64/etc/akabei.d/keyring --list-keys
# set one more permission to make polkit work correctly
sudo chown root:root ./buildroot/_chroots/master-x64/etc/akabei.d/
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