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    akabei enable translations · 96fd05e7
    Luca Giambonini authored
    akabeicore and akabeiclient provides already the translated strings, with this patch akabei is also translated.
    akabei help shows the translated strings
    LANG="de_DE.UTF-8" akabei help
    does not work:
    translator->load("akabei_" + QLocale::system().name() + ".qm", "/usr/share/akabei/translations/");
    it works:
    translator->load("akabei_de.qm", "/usr/share/akabei/translations/");
    translator->load("akabei_de_DE.qm", "/usr/share/akabei/translations/");
    QLocale::system().name()  returns it_CH here, and the italian translation is not available currently.
    So I expect that with a german locale must return de_DE.
    QTranslator must search for:
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