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    fix akabei-key import key (r65) · ddc07122
    Luca Giambonini authored
    When calling "akabei-key get B6611E8A" should add the new key to the akabei keychain, but the output is:
    sudo akabei-key get B6611E8A
    - 5A526467B6611E8A Jeff Huang s8321414@gmail.com
    Couldn't find key on the server: End of file
    The key was properly downloaded form the server but an error occours.
    Based on the gpg documentation (https://www.gnupg.org/documentation/manuals/gpgme/Listing-Keys.html) there is no need to verify that the key is correct.
    In fact the original code was wrong, if as input we write 0xB6611E8A the identified key is 5A526467B6611E8A so the if condition is never true:
       if (QString::fromLatin1(key->subkeys->keyid) == id)
    furthermore, the key->subkeys->keyid string does not contains the 0x prefix, so the condition is always false.
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