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    Integrate Polkit into AkabeiCore · f3b9f473
    Lukas Appelhans authored
    Make it at least halfway work
    Try to make it work
    Remove the minus and make it work
    Try to do a PolKitArchiveHandler
    Fix compilation and add test
    Check permissions plus use the PolKitArchiveHandler already in akabei-create-db
    wip, not compiling
    Make it compile again, make it able to upgrade, add filesystemhandler and also start sqliteone
    all untested though
    Finish sqlite
    Create a PolKitSQLiteConnection
    work on the polkitsqliteconnection
    Add filesystemhelper
    Check for uid and gid before assuming all is right
    Use polkit for lock file
    Correct connect!
    Try more things that do not work
    Transfer more to PolKitSQLiteConnection and fix a couple of crashes
    Make the lock only on transaction
    Make sure the helper actually locks the lockfile
    Fix a bunch of crashes
    Add comment
    Fix 2 FIXMEs, still untested
    Actually make ze locking work
    A bunch of fixes everywhere
    More abstraction
    More abstraction
    Fix processingOptions and also make the lock work much better hopefully
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