Commit d6a91eee authored by Lukas Appelhans's avatar Lukas Appelhans
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Fix another endless loop

parent da5e3e4d
......@@ -248,9 +248,11 @@ void Backend::setStatus(Backend::Status s, QObject * cO, const char * cS)
lockinfo.l_start = 0;
lockinfo.l_len = 0;
if (fcntl(d->lockFileHandle->handle(), F_SETLK, &lockinfo) == -1) {
akabeiDebug() << "No lock for us!";
connect(&d->lockWatcher, SIGNAL(finished()), this, SLOT(__k__lockGranted()));//TODO: Check if this works!!!!!
QFuture<void> lockF = QtConcurrent::run(d, &BackendPrivate::getLock);
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