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    Handle if a file has been replaced by an other package · 728e30fc
    AlmAck authored
    Added special case:
    during the validation process each new file added by a pkg (B) is checked and verified that none of the files are present in the target system. If it were the case then there are 2 possible answers:
    1) the file has been added manually by the user (and the user should resolve the issue himself)
    2) the file belong to an other pkg (A)
    Let consider the case 2) where (B) is about to be updated and will replace some files from (A). Without this patch during the validation transaction (B) would fail, because an existin file with that name exists already in the system. The code verify that the file in subject would be removed in the next transaction, when (A) is being updated.
    fileSystemRemovals at the end of the loop, contains all the files removed.
    fix #8
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