Commit 5ef63eab authored by Fabian Kosmale's avatar Fabian Kosmale Committed by Fabian Kosmale

fix clazy warning: qdatetime-utc

parent 8b099e16
......@@ -155,8 +155,8 @@ QString Cache::getPathInCache(const QString &filename) const
* were requested a longer time ago (see the RemoveCriteria enumeration).
struct utimbuf time;
time.modtime = QDateTime::currentDateTime().toTime_t();
time.actime = QDateTime::currentDateTime().toTime_t();
time.modtime = QDateTime::currentDateTimeUtc().toTime_t();
time.actime = QDateTime::currentDateTimeUtc().toTime_t();
std::string tmp = filename.toStdString();
utime(tmp.c_str(), &time);
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