Commit ff46e0a9 authored by Lukas Appelhans's avatar Lukas Appelhans

Temporarily fix that cache

parent 8c6343e1
......@@ -129,14 +129,15 @@ bool AkabeiCache::isPackageInCache(QString filename)
QString AkabeiCache::getPathInCache(QString filename)
if (m_plainEntryList.contains(filename)) {
//FIXME: Fix maybe? This should return the path also if file does not exist... why the manual read hack?
//if (m_plainEntryList.contains(filename)) {
* This "dummy" reading operation aims at changing the lastRead date we use
* to know which packages are the least requested in the cache.
* TODO: find a better way? (this will probably fail with empty files)
QFile filedummy(filename);
/* QFile filedummy(filename);;
......@@ -144,7 +145,8 @@ QString AkabeiCache::getPathInCache(QString filename)
return m_cachedir.absoluteFilePath(filename);
return "";
return QString();*/
return m_cachedir.absoluteFilePath(filename);
QStringList AkabeiCache::getPackagesByName(QString pkg)
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