Commit 4402f46f authored by AlmAck's avatar AlmAck
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make relative calls, in debian the path are not the same as the one in Chakra/Arch

parent b709bb52
......@@ -13,24 +13,24 @@ REPO_URL=""
ROOTFS=$(mktemp -d)
/usr/bin/mkdir -p "$ROOTFS"
mkdir -p "$ROOTFS"
# remove old archives
/usr/bin/rm -f ${RESULTPATH}/chakra-mini-bootstrap.tar.xz ${RESULTPATH}/chakra-mini-bootstrap.tar.xz.sha512sum
rm -f ${RESULTPATH}/chakra-mini-bootstrap.tar.xz ${RESULTPATH}/chakra-mini-bootstrap.tar.xz.sha512sum
# bootstrap
${SCRIPT_PWD}/ -a "${ARCH}" -r "${REPO_URL}" -d "${DOWNLOAD_DIR}" "${ROOTFS}"
cd "${ROOTFS}"
# clean up resolv.conf
/usr/bin/cp ${SCRIPT_PWD}/resolv.conf etc/resolv.conf
cp ${SCRIPT_PWD}/resolv.conf etc/resolv.conf
# use default mirrorlist for pacman
/usr/bin/cp ${SCRIPT_PWD}/mirrorlist etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist
cp ${SCRIPT_PWD}/mirrorlist etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist
# clean up package cache
/usr/bin/rm -rf var/cache/*
rm -rf var/cache/*
# create new archive
/usr/bin/tar --create --xz --numeric-owner --xattrs --acls --directory=${ROOTFS} --file="chakra-mini-bootstrap.tar.xz" .
/usr/bin/sha512sum "chakra-mini-bootstrap.tar.xz" >| "chakra-mini-bootstrap.tar.xz.sha512sum"
tar --create --xz --numeric-owner --xattrs --acls --directory=${ROOTFS} --file="chakra-mini-bootstrap.tar.xz" .
sha512sum "chakra-mini-bootstrap.tar.xz" >| "chakra-mini-bootstrap.tar.xz.sha512sum"
# report result
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