Commit 5b8d2f8f authored by AlmAck's avatar AlmAck

add chakra-keyring to the list of packages to install

parent 4402f46f
......@@ -21,12 +21,8 @@ set -e -u -o pipefail
acl attr bzip2 curl expat glibc gpgme libarchive nettle
libassuan libgpg-error libssh2 lzo2 openssl pacman pacman-mirrorlist xz zlib
krb5 e2fsprogs keyutils libidn gcc-libs lz4 icu
krb5 e2fsprogs keyutils libidn gcc-libs lz4 icu chakra-keyring
# acl attr bzip2 curl e2fsprogs expat glibc gpgme keyutils krb5 libarchive libassuan libgpg-error libssh2 lz4 lzo2 nettle openssl pacman xz zlib
# archlinux-keyring
EXTRA_PACKAGES=(coreutils bash grep gawk file tar systemd sed)
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