Commit d8df4f8c authored by totte's avatar totte
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Fix name for nginx production settings file

parent 62de0255
......@@ -235,6 +235,6 @@ production environment:
- scp -P $DEPLOY_PORT docker-compose.yml $DEPLOY_USER@$DEPLOY_HOST:/srv/melange/
- scp -P $DEPLOY_PORT nginx.staging.conf $DEPLOY_USER@$DEPLOY_HOST:/srv/melange/nginx.conf
- scp -P $DEPLOY_PORT nginx.production.conf $DEPLOY_USER@$DEPLOY_HOST:/srv/melange/nginx.conf
- ssh $DEPLOY_USER@$DEPLOY_HOST -p $DEPLOY_PORT "docker login $CI_REGISTRY -u $CI_DEPLOY_USER -p $CI_DEPLOY_PASSWORD && cd /srv/melange && docker-compose down && docker-compose pull && docker-compose up -d"
- curl -XPOST -H "Fastly-Key:${FASTLY_KEY}"${FASTLY_SERVICE}/purge_all
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