Commit 2080f154 authored by abveritas's avatar abveritas

qtractor update

parent 1d204816
...@@ -4,19 +4,18 @@ ...@@ -4,19 +4,18 @@
# maintainer: Neophytos Kolokotronis <> # maintainer: Neophytos Kolokotronis <>
pkgname=qtractor pkgname=qtractor
pkgver=0.5.6 pkgver=0.5.7
pkgrel=1 pkgrel=1
pkgdesc="Audio/MIDI multitrack sequencer" pkgdesc="Audio/MIDI multitrack sequencer"
arch=(i686 x86_64) arch=('x86_64')
url="" url=""
license=('GPL') license=('GPL')
depends=('qt' 'jack' 'slv2' 'libmad' 'libsamplerate' depends=('qt' 'jack' 'slv2' 'libmad' 'libsamplerate'
'rubberband' 'liblo') 'rubberband' 'liblo')
makedepends=('ladspa' 'dssi') makedepends=('ladspa' 'dssi')
categories=('multimedia') categories=('multimedia')
[ "$CARCH" = "i686" ] && optdepends=('dssi-vst: win32 VST support') source=("$pkgname/$pkgname-$pkgver.tar.gz")
source=($pkgname/$pkgname-$pkgver.tar.gz) md5sums=('a3f42dc1125d6ec0bd88286fe7738f04')
build() { build() {
cd "$srcdir/$pkgname-$pkgver" cd "$srcdir/$pkgname-$pkgver"
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