Commit 828c5ac0 authored by Adrián Chaves Fernández (Gallaecio)'s avatar Adrián Chaves Fernández (Gallaecio)
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Fixed Red Eclipse .desktop file.

parent 00463337
......@@ -48,6 +48,8 @@ package() {
-e 's/Version=1\.1/Version=1\.0/' \
-e 's|Icon=redeclipse|Icon=/usr/share/pixmaps/redeclipse|' \
-e 's/a\./a/' \
-e "s#Exec=bin/reclient -r#Exec=$pkgname#" \
-e "/Path=*/d" \
install -Dm644 src/install/nix/$pkgname.desktop $pkgdir/usr/share/applications/$pkgname.desktop
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