Commit 98243978 authored by gnastyle's avatar gnastyle

hydrogen: update to 0.9.7

parent 44a769ab
# Apps Packages for Chakra, part of
# Maintainer: Adrián Chaves Fernández (Gallaecio) <>
pkgname=hydrogen pkgname=hydrogen
pkgver=0.9.6 pkgver=0.9.7
pkgrel=1 pkgrel=1
pkgdesc="Advanced drum machine." pkgdesc="Advanced drum machine."
arch=('x86_64') arch=('x86_64')
...@@ -15,7 +9,7 @@ depends=('alsa-lib' 'flac' 'lash' 'jack' 'libarchive' 'libsndfile' 'qt' 'tar' 'z ...@@ -15,7 +9,7 @@ depends=('alsa-lib' 'flac' 'lash' 'jack' 'libarchive' 'libsndfile' 'qt' 'tar' 'z
makedepends=('cmake') makedepends=('cmake')
categories=('multimedia') categories=('multimedia')
source=($pkgname/archive/$pkgver.tar.gz) source=($pkgname/archive/$pkgver.tar.gz)
md5sums=('e4424926a88af82fb2048b3548723827') sha1sums=('016c5427d0598f933f0975d6d25434736ba0a0b6')
build() { build() {
msg "Compiling..." msg "Compiling..."
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