Commit add4ea24 authored by Daniele's avatar Daniele

Make qftp compile again.

parent 2ea1169c
...@@ -10,21 +10,29 @@ source ../_buildscripts/${current_repo}-${_arch}-cfg.conf ...@@ -10,21 +10,29 @@ source ../_buildscripts/${current_repo}-${_arch}-cfg.conf
pkgname=qftp pkgname=qftp
pkgver=1.3.2 pkgver=1.3.2
pkgrel=1 pkgrel=1
pkgdesc="A QT client for FTP file transfer" pkgdesc="A QT client for FTP file transfer."
arch=('i686' 'x86_64') arch=('i686' 'x86_64')
url="" url=""
license=('GPL') license=('GPL')
depends=('qt') depends=('qt')
source=($pkgname-$pkgver.tar.gz) source=("${pkgname}-${pkgver}.tar.gz")
md5sums=('5e83cdaa172cb04d48dd0ef7abc44ecd') md5sums=('5e83cdaa172cb04d48dd0ef7abc44ecd')
build() { build() {
cd "$srcdir/$pkgname-$pkgver" cd "${srcdir}/${pkgname}-${pkgver}"
# Configure and build
./ --prefix=/usr --with-qt-dir=/usr ./ --prefix=/usr --with-qt-dir=/usr
make || return 1
# Set the right flags... (-Werror is not gonna work!)
find "${srcdir}" -name Makefile -exec sed -i 's~^CXXFLAGS = -Wall -Werror -Wno-non-virtual-dtor$~CXXFLAGS = -Wall -Wno-non-virtual-dtor~g' \{\} \;
} }
package() { package() {
cd "$srcdir/$pkgname-$pkgver" cd "${srcdir}/${pkgname}-${pkgver}"
make DESTDIR="$pkgdir" install make DESTDIR="${pkgdir}" install
} }
# vim:set ts=2 sw=2 et:
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