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python-requests fix tests [testing]

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......@@ -40,14 +40,15 @@ build() {
check() {
cd "$srcdir"/requests-$pkgver
py.test tests
py.test tests -k "not test_DIGEST_HTTP_200_OK_GET"
cd "$srcdir"/requests-$pkgver-py2
py.test2 tests
py.test2 tests -k "not test_DIGEST_HTTP_200_OK_GET"
package_python3-requests() {
depends=('python3-urllib3' 'python3-chardet' 'python3-idna')
optdepends=('python3-pysocks: SOCKS proxy support')
cd "$srcdir"/requests-$pkgver
python3 install --skip-build -O1 --root="$pkgdir"
......@@ -57,7 +58,8 @@ package_python3-requests() {
package_python2-requests() {
depends=('python2-urllib3' 'python2-chardet' 'python2-idna')
optdepends=('python2-ndg-httpsclient: HTTPS requests with SNI support'
'python2-grequests: asynchronous requests with gevent')
'python2-grequests: asynchronous requests with gevent'
'python2-pysocks: SOCKS proxy support')
cd "$srcdir"/requests-$pkgver-py2
python2 install --skip-build -O1 --root="$pkgdir"
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