Commit 8b7da31c authored by Jeff Huang's avatar Jeff Huang 🤔

[skip-ci] libreoffice: add more deps to libreoffice-common (no build)

parent a7079a46
Pipeline #1731 skipped
......@@ -340,7 +340,7 @@ package_libreoffice-common() {
depends=("hunspell" "python3" "neon" 'poppler'
'nspr' "icu" 'libsm' 'redland' 'hyphen' 'graphite' 'lcms2'
'hicolor-icon-theme' 'desktop-file-utils' 'shared-mime-info' 'xdg-utils' 'clucene' 'libodfgen' 'libmwaw' 'lpsolve' 'libmythes'
'libvisio' 'glew' 'harfbuzz-icu')
'libvisio' 'libzmf' 'glew' 'harfbuzz-icu')
optdepends=('libreoffice-langpack: additional language support'
'java-runtime: adds java support'
'libcups: adds printing support'
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