Authored by totte

AlmAck's packages in [unstable] on 2019-10-31

[2019-10-31 20:03] <totte> AlmAck[m]: What are all the packages in [unstable] for? Are they going to be used or can I delete them, to put Qt 5.13.2 there?
[2019-10-31 20:41] <brli> totte: what is the condition of staging?
[2019-10-31 20:42] <FranzMari[m]> there are some packages of the glew group
[2019-10-31 20:44] <AlmAck[m]> totte: unable was used to prepare the iso based on arch, I would like to have a list of them, then you can remove all
[2019-10-31 21:00] <ht> AlmAck: Just a list of their names?

Here is the list, as per request.

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