Unverified Commit b6257478 authored by David Runge's avatar David Runge
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Add integration tests to gitlab CI

Rename "lint" stage to "test" stage.
Change basic target to also update the pacman files databases, as they
are required for integration tests.
Add integration target to run `tox -e integration`.
parent 105bbe25
...@@ -6,19 +6,25 @@ default: ...@@ -6,19 +6,25 @@ default:
image: "archlinux:latest" image: "archlinux:latest"
stages: stages:
- lint - test
.unit_test: .test:
stage: lint stage: test
before_script: before_script:
- pacman --noconfirm -Fy
- pacman --noconfirm -Syu --needed base-devel python-poetry python-tox - pacman --noconfirm -Syu --needed base-devel python-poetry python-tox
linter: linter:
extends: .unit_test extends: .test
script: script:
- tox -e linter - tox -e linter
coverage: coverage:
extends: .unit_test extends: .test
script: script:
- tox -e coverage - tox -e coverage
extends: .test
- tox -e integration
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