Commit 18cb949e authored by Bartłomiej Piotrowski's avatar Bartłomiej Piotrowski
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Revoke key of Alad Wenter (alad)

He had revoked UIDs that had enough signatures and according to him,
he will be away till the end of the year.
parent a268d26c
717026A9D4779FC53940726640F557B731496106 aginiewicz
DBE7D3DD8C81D58D0A13D0E76BC26A17B9B7018A alad
6645B0A8C7005E78DB1D7864F99FFE0FEAE999BD allan
9437DD3815A7A9169E3D3946AFF5D95098BC6FF5 alucryd
50F33E2E5B0C3D900424ABE89BDCF497A4BBCC7F ambrevar
4FCF887689C41B09506BE8D5F3E1D5C5D30DB0AD andrea Resignation
DBE7D3DD8C81D58D0A13D0E76BC26A17B9B7018A alad User had revoked UIDs with enough signatures
66BD74A036D522F51DD70A3C7F2A16726521E06D cbrannon Resignation
BC1FBE4D2826A0B51E47ED62E2539214C6C11350 cinelli User is no longer in possession of his key
9515D8A8EAB88E49BB65EDBCE6B456CAF15447D5 cinelli Removal of inactive TU
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