makechrootpkg: sync database for checkpkg to avoid nonexistent targets

For build servers or similar infrastructure its relatively common to not
sync/update the database regularly. This leads to problems properly
running checkpkg duo to nonexistent target files that we try to
download. As building on build servers is a very common use case, lets
ensure we sync the local database before trying to resolve the package
parent cee28a1b
......@@ -387,7 +387,7 @@ if (( ret != 0 )); then
if (( run_checkpkg )); then
msg "Running checkpkg"
remotepkgs=($(pacman -Sddp --logfile /dev/null "${pkgnames[@]}"))
remotepkgs=($(pacman -Syddp --logfile /dev/null "${pkgnames[@]}"|grep '://'))
if (( $? )); then
warning "Skipped checkpkg due to missing repo packages"
exit 0
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