Unverified Commit 4f305aa3 authored by bartoszek's avatar bartoszek Committed by Levente Polyak
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makechrootpkg: Expose failed build logs/products

Since move_products() function is fairly robust we can make it run for
failed build also to expose logs for packages that fails in build(),
prepare() or package(). It also exposes partially packaged split
packages if they fail in latter package_xxx().
parent 09e169b7
......@@ -367,10 +367,10 @@ if arch-nspawn "$copydir" \
/chrootbuild "${makepkg_args[@]}"
mapfile -t pkgnames < <(sudo -u "$makepkg_user" bash -c 'source PKGBUILD; printf "%s\n" "${pkgname[@]}"')
(( ret += 1 ))
(( temp_chroot )) && delete_chroot "$copydir" "$copy"
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