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Be more specific in the reimbursement request form

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......@@ -65,6 +65,7 @@ SPI Reimbursement Request
<li>Ensure that the banking information is accurate as incorrect details are a major source of delays.</li>
<li>The currency field is the currency of your bank account. Only say USD here if you have a USD bank account (e.g. because you live in the US).
<li>Note that the PDF is generated on your machine via JavaScript. Nothing is transmitted to SPI servers until you email us.</li>
......@@ -75,8 +76,13 @@ SPI Reimbursement Request
<li>Enter Your Name, which must match the name in the SPI Reimbursement Request Form from Step 1.</li>
<li>Set <tt>Your Company Name</tt> to the open source project that you're seeking reimbursement from.</li>
<li>Set Your Home Currency to USD as SPI will process reimbursement in USD</b></li>
<li>Leave/set Credit Card @ 3%, Debit Card @ 5%, Foreign Cash @ 5%, Traveller's Cheque @ 2%.</li>
<li>Enter Receipt Details, one row per receipt, specifing the correct date, amount and currency of the transactions.</li>
<li>Enter Receipt Details, one row per receipt</li>
<li>specify the correct date of the transactions</li>
<li>set the currency per transaction to the currency you paid in</li>
<h3>Step 3: Collect and Order your Receipts</h3>
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